In our lives, there are events that should be recognized for their boundless generosity, kindness or significance.  They are a part of a "Life Worth Framing".

We believe that recognizing these events and setting them apart - framing them like fine paintings - celebrates what gives meaning to life and makes us human. In our life as a business, Aubrey Homes has built beautiful houses.  We have featured them on our Home Showcase page.

Each house we build is a unique creation, and always built to the highest standards.  We put enormous effort in building homes that are planned to meet the exact needs of the customer.  Each Aubrey Homes creation is a masterpiece. We know our homes are where many of these "Life Worth Framing" events occur.  Our homes are the stage where our children are born and raised, where we celebrate our marriages, friendships and other events that make life worth living.  We entertain, provide refuge and educate within our homes. For many the home is the heart of their spiritual life. It can be an expression of personality and sanctuary from the outside world. Our homes can reflect our respect for the environment.  They can be decorated in different styles, fabrics, art and furnishings that express our personal taste.

We encourage you to think about what aspects there are in your own life that can be considered frameworthy and recognize them by framing them in your own Gallery of Life.

Part of what we consider Life Worth Framing at Aubrey Homes is supporting Frameworthy Causes, including The Last Well, SafePlace Austin and The Ferrari Kid.

We hope to be part of creating a frameworthy moment in your life.

Darcy Baylis
Aubrey Homes, Inc.
Owner - Builder